Services and Office Tour

Our specialists offer a range of consultation and evaluation services to meet the needs of all of our clients. While our focus is children and adolescents, we work with adults, as well. See photos of our beautiful, brand-new office and descriptions of our services below.

Developmental Assessments

Our specialists can provide developmental assessments that review your child’s cognitive, social/emotional, and adaptive living skills. Children as young as 15 months through adolescence can qualify for these assessments to review how potential developmental delays can impact their functioning across home/school settings. Our team is trained to include testing needed for OPWDD eligibility, as well as to develop a treatment plan for your child. CDPHP covers these assessments; private pay options also available.

Specialized Autism Spectrum Evaluations

Our specialists are trained in administering the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) in order to determine the presence of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Testing often includes an intellectual and adaptive assessment, as well as an observation of your child within a natural setting (classroom/camp). The evaluation will result in a diagnostic profile that will guide your child’s treatment planning — educational interventions, therapies, home-based interventions. Adult assessments are also available with specific providers. CDPHP covers these assessments; private pay options also available.

Individual and Group Counseling

Several of our specialists offer individual and family counseling services and accept a range of insurances. Group counseling services to address social skill needs are available on a private pay basis.

Social Skills Individual and Group Therapy, Ages 4-10
Help strengthen your child’s ability to navigate the social world, be flexible thinkers, and social problem-solvers.

The Power of Flexibility, Ages 7-10
Individual and group therapy exploring cognitive flexibility.

Educational Consultants

Several of our specialists are able to provide educational consultations to review your child’s educational program and behavioral supports. Our consultants can provide Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) with the goal of developing an individualized Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP).

We have contracts with many of the local school districts and work to develop collaborative relationships between families and districts. School district trainings are also available on a range of topics related to development, diagnostic profiles, and management needs of students.  These services are either private pay or under the umbrella of specific school contracts (insurance does not cover).

Board-Certified Behavior Analysts

Currently, we have two BCBAs who can provide individualized behavioral planning and supports to individuals on the Autism Spectrum (early childhood to adult).  These services can be provided across home/school and community settings and are tailored to meet specific goals related to behaviors, social-communication, and adaptive living skills. In the school setting, these services are directly contracted.  In the home setting, these services are covered by CDPHP insurance.  

Speech and Language Pathologists

Our group also has two speech/language pathologists who can provide specific testing to review for the presence of an expressive/receptive language disorder, as well as deficits in pragmatic language (social use of language). Our therapists are also highly trained in utilizing specific technology to either support communication and/or to access supports for written language. Both therapists have a strong background in Autism Spectrum Disorders and communication devices. School-based evaluations and/or consultation are available via private pay or through established school district consults. Private evaluations are covered via CDPHP or private pay.